A development road map for the future.

Earlier this month we held a poll in the discord and asked for your top 5 possible features.
We gathered those results and created a little graphic showing whats next for MLBS!

Road map 2018-2019

As you can see we have multiplayer, shop assistant, custom built shops, larger map size and steam release all from the poll. 

If you look closely it says 2018- Q2 2019, that's the (roughly) estimated time it is going to take to finalize these features, they are subject to delays and reordering.

Thank you to all who participated in the poll! 


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Aug 09, 2018

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Any hope for a Mac port? I’ve seen so many YouTubers play the game and I really want to try it.


custom character


Dasius, could you make it so WE (The Players) could equip weapons and battle? (I would love for there to be monsters in the cave) Also I would love to see an arena and armor crafting!


I saw in the previous comments you mentioned Weapons being used in the world and you could see it. Well. What about some kind of Arena system where you could supply weapons and shields for people and watch the fights that way. also act as a kind of sponsorship so if your fighter wins then you get paid a small amount. 

Also do you have any plans for Armor Crafting to be implemented ? I love those guards and their armor and would love to craft some in game !


Hey Deathgarnet,

I believe someone else had mentioned something similar and I really like the idea and might consider it for a future update.

Armor crafting is definitely something we will be implementing sometime in the near future.

Deleted 2 years ago

Where do i find the earth crystal??


Will My little Blacksmith shop ever become available on Mac? Sorry if it is a stupid question but it is all i have and i am really interested in playing this game. 


I would also really like to see this game on Mac!


After Steam release, could you make combat? PVP or PVE you could get some weapon parts or gold?


Hey MechanicalWorm,

I would like to avoid adding player combat to the game.  In the future , there will be NPC's that will engage in combat and you can support them by making weapons for them. Making the best weapons will guarantee their survival and potentially yours as well. 


I would definetely love to see tthe weapons we create being used by knights ! That's a super cool idea ! Like we are the weapon supplier !

Would be also cool to have some competition, like other blackmiths (NPCs tho). Just saying !

Anyway, love that game and always looking forward for the development.


Legit just made an account to say I support this idea