Update 0.1.1

Hey everyone.

We finally updated the game to version 0.1.1. With it comes a host of new features and bug fixes. We still have a long way to go to finishing the game and we are still aiming to get the game up and running on steam with multiplayer support.  Thank you everyone for the support to the team and I.

Here are the Update notes.

  • New saving system - enabled multiple saves.
  • New weapon Sharpening Workstation.
  • New locations to visit
    • Behind the Church.
    • Castle Village.
  • New chatbox for all notifications and future multiplayer chat.
  • New female character models.
  • Updates to Geoffrey's shop.
  • Horse re-added to world. 
  • Lock cargo in your wagon.
  • New Shield bosses.
  • New axe head.
  • Ingots and ores now have a quality value. This will be used to determine the weapons quality.
  • Added physics movement to lanterns.
  • Added new interactable doors to the church.
  • Added more treasure chests to the map.
  • New loading screen
  • Tree leaves will move with the wind much like the grass.
  • Added a loading Throbber when FPS goes below 25, works for when loading a new map or when your computer is suffering.
  • Added a new radial options to the selection wheel.
  • Lanterns can be used while crouching.
  • Sharpening table has been added to the list of items that are spawned when purchasing new house.
  • Added shelves to saw table and are placeable in your shops. The current ones are also movable by the same method you move all workstations.

Bugs and fixes/adjustments.

  • Redid some work on Grips to hopefully make them work less hard on detections. Small optimization.
  • Fix to Caps Lock. Now it its state will be recognized even after closing the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the normal grips floating in the air when they are spawned into the world.
  • Optimization to forge and anything that heats up.
  • Cooling down of all metals should work properly now.
  • Fix the Savegame system to properly load and save a game to game save slots according to old/new logic.
  • Sleep GUI should no longer let you sleep for 0 hours.
  • Fixed Day/hour values
  • Fixed Keyboard settings load
  • Moved placement of GUI item selector on Wood workbench.
  • Fixed shop opening state is loaded properly.along with purchases, SaveGameSlot, player name, clock and time values.
  • work for loading Door,mailboxes, treasure chests etc..
  • Sword Pedestal rework in C++
  • fix for saving house ownership
  • Simplified weapon detection boolean logic
  • Changed how we check for how many NPC passing by the house are in the map. Limited the number to 4.
  • Custom DIfficulty fix
  • Removed crates from affecting navigation for NPC’s
  • Removing an item from Geoffreys seller list should no longer have a result of 0 when more than 1 item is on the counter.
  • Snow and rain should function better
  • Changed stolen items to be marked as “No longer Shop Item”
  • Update the name popup widget position when trying to show it - make it more visible.
  • Update popup widget when logs lose health due to chopping.
  • Fixed Random Npc’s lanterns.
  • You can no longer spam left click mouse button when cutting trees/logs.
  • Updated bodies of water materials and now have underwater distortion.
  • Locked items that are being smelted when smelter starts heating, rather than when selecting an output.
  • Removed the weird seizure inducing affect on the Light Crystal. Reduced the brightness for the ghost material on building blueprints. 
  • Modified the ledger and added one to the desk incase player move one outside of the main shops.
  • Fix to the Puzzle Door.
  • Modified brightness or some elements like glyphs and the green lava in the cave.
  • Updated a few animations.
  • Update models for ingots.
  • Change state name from “Agility” to “Speed”
  • Steel and Adamantine are now Heroic metal and Titanium a Legendary metal. The colors will reflect that.
  • Did some rework on the sign for purchasing the new house. A little more info given to player when purchasing the house.
  • Map updates, removed some hedges and trees so navigation with the wagon is easier.
  • Lowered the left click pop up texts location.
  • Small rework to the church exterior and interior.

other minor changes and additions were added but were either forgotten or not worth mentioning.


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Apr 01, 2019
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Apr 01, 2019

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