Update 0.1.1 Patch 1

Hey Blacksmith's

Today's update has arrived with a lot of bug fixes and additions. I apologize it took so long to fix some of the  game breaking bugs and I thank you all for your patience.

As always, this update fixes issues but will most likely introduce new ones ( potentially old ones, but shouldn't).

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Here are the update notes.

  • Fix to new shelves not saving.
  • The game will now pause when viewing the menu options.
  • Sitting in cart should no longer break the sleep functionality.
  • Items in the cave should still be there when you come back.
  • The items in the house should no longer duplicate
  • Fix rotation on some torches. 
  • The great puzzle door, when completed will no longer spawn right by the shop.
  • Removed wood spawn from Geoffrey's Shop.
  • Remove beam of lights in the church at night
  • Grass at low settings will disappear
  • Fixed AA quality button not showing as enabled when starting the engine for the first time.
  • Mouse over text should go away when a customer takes the item from your hand.
  • Spamming the furnace button should no longer freeze the game.
  • Small changes to church
  • Removed deer in stable with a non-interactable deer
  • The furnace will now only delete items you pick up and carry.
  • Reduced distance traveled by the deer near the castle.
  • Removed placing workstations on certain areas or surfaces. Like Geoffreys shop.
  • Increased size of raindrops
  • Added a save game display on chat box
  • Pine trees leaves(?) no longer have collision
  • Added skirts to female npcs
  • added a lantern to the belt of worker npcs
  • fixed issue with female workers hairs appearing when wearing a helmet.
  • added lich to ignore list for detecting blueprints under the level.
  • Crate now has a whitelist of things it can pick up. 
  • Moved treasure chests to Persistent map so they are not unloaded.
  • Moved a pillar out of the way from torch in cave for easier access.
  • Taking off a laurel loses its original material property, resulting in a stone laurel.
  • Fixed issue with mouse cursor not appearing in exit menu when combining parts.
  • Fix to Geoffrey's shop not accepting guards
  • Fix to workstations being placed inside shop
  • Reduced bloom effect.
  • Added FOV setting
  • Add fps value inside of the spinning thing on the top left corner of the screen when below 25 fps
  • Modification and fixes to sleep GUI. Customers will leave the shop when the player is sleeping and won't show up until they are awake.
  • Changed Main Menu Scene
  • Rework on Building system. Removed collision for when building parts are in blueprint mode. Added new parts, increase the size of the parts and some other stuff. Everything should save and load but there might be some performance issues if you build large structures on the current map.
  • Removed names over the players hear
  • Your blacksmith's name should appear properly on your character sheet and not your computer name
  • Customers are back to ordering weapons but will also ask for repairs.
  • Modified the music/sound settings.
  • Lowered default volume in settings. Hopefully, prevent heart attacks.
  • Torch audio was not matching the flames state. When the fire was off, the sound was on and vice versa.
  • Did some work on footsteps. Added some more sounds like snow and walking on a hard surface.
  • Removed collision box from the horse wagon.
  • Changed the detection range for deleting a building with the radial menu. This should hopefully prevent issues with trying to use the radial menu for crafting when inside of a player made buildings.
  • Shop door should no longer be capable of being in the “Shop Open” state while the door is closed. It should open if you try to glitch door close/shop open it. This should also fix the issue with the door closing when trying to open your shop when the door is already open.
  • Customers no longer will open the door the shop door if it’s closed. You’ll have to make sure the door is open so that they can leave.
  • Broken daggers should no longer have a guard attached to them.
  • The player should no longer be transported/teleported when standing on the workbenches/moveable objects
  • The bed is now a moveable object.
  • Fix to building collision with other objects. 
  • Updated mining vein materials on startup.
  • Fix to Sandbox not loading up. Sandbox is now playable again.
  • Small expansion to the cave and updated the walls.
  • Furniture in houses will save/load their positions.
  • Rain/Snow FX will toggle properly when toggled in Main Menu Screen.
  • Added some sound fx.
  • Fixed the Katana blade rotation on Customers.
  • Added a notification when player creates an invalid weapon.
  • Added an entry for shield crafting in the book.
  • Resized the Strong Twin Guard.
  • Added a Katana Grip.
  • Katana grip can be purchased at Geoffreys Shop
  • Added idle and flying birds.
  • Added how much coins you have on the player character sheet for quick viewing.
  • Corrected spelling in a few places.
  • Added a few secrets to the map.
  • Added some new functionality to some crystals.
  • Added 2 new youtuber customers. 
  • Players can change one of the paintings image with their own. 
  • Removed weapon displays.
  • Added a weapon rack. Customers will also look at the weapon rack when waiting for a ready weapon to purchase.
  • Updated the wood bench. It now requires you to convert your logs to planks before creating any of the other items.
  • The wood bench will also grey out options if you do not have the necessary number of planks to create any of the items.
  • Customers that need a weapon repaired will first give you prompt, that you will need to confirm, before receiving the broken weapon. If you can cancel while you have the broken weapon, coins equal to the worth of the product will be withdrawn from your chest. 
  • The Ledger will display a purchase in green and when you lose money, it will display in Red. (does not cover taxes yet)

Known issues

  • Ledger not showing final price. However, you do receive the coins.
  • Still nothing happens after the Unreal engine 4 logo ends. You will need to click or press a button to continue. (Still looking into the issue)
  • Rain particles are visible inside of caves.
  • A few sound glitches.
  • No rain FX while riding.
  • Lantern models doesnt appear on player after  dismounting from wagon.
  • The Deer, if the action "follow" is triggered, will try to follow you even while riding the wagon.


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