Reopening Patreon Pledges

Hey Blacksmiths,

My Little Blacksmith Shop is re-opening its doors and continuing development thanks to the awesome people in the community.

At the moment, if you are currently still pledging then this will be a notification that you'll be charged. If you would like to remove you pledge then now would be the time. However, if you still want to continue your pledge, then you have my sincere gratitude. 

At the moment, I have 7 members (3 modellers, 2 programmers, 2 debug/bug testers) added to the team that are ready to help with creating and fixing the game. We'll be jumping in, sometime next week, to begin our greatest adventure and we want all of you to come along with us on this journey. 

This means that we will have more content to show you the fans and faster updates and releases. So stay tuned and invite your friends and family.

To all those that cancelled their pledges, they will still receive the Steam key as promised.

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