0.0.9 Released

Hey Blacksmiths, 

I decided to keep the version names the same as the Patrons build. Hopefully this will avoid any confusions.

Please be aware this is still a unstable build so please leave us your issues so that we can fix them. 

Thank you!!

Here are the patch notes.

Update 0.0.9c 

  • Fixed - saving and loading
  • Fixed - Update wrist and hand enarmes ingot values on load.
  • Fixed -  to heat status and table status.
  • Fixed - Metallic objects should bounce less.
  • Fixed - Delivery crates should turn when Alt- Rotating them.
  • Fixed - no longer able to create 3 ingot rims.
  • Fixed - Removed an issue preventing shields boss and enarmes from rotating.
  • Fixed - items being assembled on the crafting table. They will no longer clip in the table when created.
  • Fixed - Few grammatical correction in customer request.
  • Fixed - issue with disassembling weapon and selling the disassembled parts.
  • Fixed - Save game tweak to only save the file once
  • Fixed - Overhall on weapon/item id’s. Allowing us to add weapons or items without creating any issues with equipping tools or using them and any other possible issues the old system might have presented.
  • Fixed - Shields will inherit log colors
  • Fixed - Alloy weapons are equipable and fixed their mining logic
  • Fixed - Widened the trigger box for coal and wood detection in smelter
  • Fixed - Quick fix to sleep that caused the character to be sleepy every time the game is reloaded.
  • Fixed - an issue with passerby characters walking funny when caring lanterns.
  • Changed - Turned map into a winter biome
  • Changed - Sort items in stack of 10 up to 30 total items when opening delivery crates.
  • Changed - Customer will look at weapon/shield they want when created.
  • Changed - Customer will no longer tell you they are in a hurry
  • Changed - Customers will teleport to the shop if they get stuck.
  • Added - a guide book in the Blacksmiths room
  • Added - christmas presents and other themed decorations
  • Added - proper shield collision and disassembling.reassembly.
  • Customer will now order Shields along with weapons.
  • Added - snowman
  • Added - candy cane grip and head
  • Added - a mouth for everyone.
  • Added - prompt to save game when moving to sandbox mode
  • Added - crates to the woodworking bench
  • Removed - flames from one of the particle emitters.
  • Removed - the word “shield” at the end of special orders
  • Removed - ability to sleep in sandbox mode
  • Adjustment - to the shield display on the woodcutting table
  • Adjustment - to wood logs spawn when cutting down trees.
  • Adjustment - shield physics angular and linear dampening
  • Adjustment - grips to display proper rarity.
  • Adjustment - Increase the size of the order desk
  • Adjustment - Overall map, at night will be darker.
  • Adjustment - Increased time sleeping .


My Little BlackSmith Shop Win32 Alpha 0.0.9c 216 MB
Jan 16, 2018
My Little Blacksmith Shop Win 64 Alpha 0.1.0 378 MB
Version 18 Jan 16, 2018

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