Patch 0.0.9d

New patch fixing numerous bugs. 

Thank you!!

Fixed - Completed weapons will now show unique names instead of the grip name

Fixed - Geoffreys shop money exploit

Fixed - Strength issues with making weapons on the anvil

Fixed - Customer won’t teleport inside the shop when player closes shop

Fixed - Saving inside of the cave, on load, will set the player at the entrance of the cave.

Fixed - Ingots inside of closed crates will successfully load.

Fixed - Polearms re-added and fixed a mathematical randomness issue that created issues.

Fixed - Enabled alloy requests from customers

Fixed - Guards have consistent names and removed a old naming system using integers.

Fixed - Removed a shield appendix when constructing a new bubble

Fixed - Customers not leaving shop when after purchasing a shield and weapon.

Fixed - Issue with weapon combinations forcing a proper boolean and physics check.

Fixed - Major tweeks to Save Game. It will break your old save game files.

Fixed - Completed weapon combinations will display the weapon name and not the grip name.

Fixed - A Strength issue related to how many hits one can do to complete a weapon head on the anvil.

Fixed - Purchased item crates will save their item list.

Fixed - Minin on Rock veins should function better.

Fixed - Ingots, when used on smelter should register their heated values properly.

Fixed - Ore drop chance calculation has been reworked.

Added - Items inside of purchased crates will be saved.

Added - Carbon is mineable and can be used as a component to making alloys.Using Carbon improperly will result in a failed result.

Added - Alloy request have been added for weapons from customers.

Added - Youtubers as customers now.

Added - New batch of Patron names to customer list.

Added - Mathematical safeguard to trim the integer values of Stone/Coal to Tin/Copper.

Added - Level up particle effect


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